Where Did I Put ... My Memory?

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<p>As we live longer, our brains age, and we have more and more information to forget. Memory loss is the second greatest health fear for Canadians, after cancer. And memory loss is a growing epidemic, as we live longer, our brains age, and we have more and more information to forget. Throw in the information overload from new technologies. The result: T.M.I. &ndash; Too Much Information! No wonder we have &ldquo;brain cramps&rdquo; and forget things. Are we all doomed to lose our minds? Or are there ways ti keep our memories - and even make them better? If you can lose your memory, can you find it?</p> <p>To find answers to these big questions, <em>Where Did I Put...My Memory?</em> takes viewers on an unforgettable journey around the world, visiting:</p> <p>THE RAPPIN&rsquo; MATHEMATICIAN: Alex Kajitani, California&rsquo;s Teacher of the Year in 2009, transformed the grades of inner city kids by teaching them to do math in rhyming rap couplets that have now gone global on the Web.</p> <p>THE WORLD MEMORY CHAMPIONSHIPS: in London, England, this annual battle-of-the-brains celebrates people with the world&rsquo;s best memories competing in a grueling mental Olympics.<br /><br />THE CANADIAN GUINNESS WORLD RECORD MEMORY CHAMP: Kitchener, Ontario&rsquo;s Dave Farrow was diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia as a child, but has gone on to become the Guinness World Record Holder for Greatest Memory.<br /><br />THE WOMAN WHO CAN&rsquo;T FORGET: American Jill Price recalls every day, hour and minute of her life since she was 14.<br /><br />And much more!</p>
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