The Dirt on Hotels - Part 1

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<p>Marketplace checks in to check out the dirt in six Canadian hotel chains&nbsp;&mdash; from&nbsp;no-frills to high-end. Host Erica Johnson and her team examine over 50 hotel rooms with the aid of a hidden camera and one of Canada's top microbiologists.</p> <p>Six core items are tested and used to calculate the final scores for each hotel. These items include TV remote, comforter, toilet seat, bathroom counter, bathroom faucet, and black light of bed sheets. Each item is tested for ATP contamination, coliform, antibiotic resistant bacteria, C-difficile and TAC (Total Aerobic Count). Ice machines are also tested.</p> <p>The conclusions are startling. Wherever your next hotel stay is, you could be walking away with much more than the mini-shampoos. Worst-case scenario:&nbsp;superbugs and bacteria that could make you sick.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

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